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Awesome Spinach Salad

For those hot summer days when you are too lazy to get into a big cooking, but need something refreshing, healthy and satisfying - try this wonderful SPINACH SALAD! My kids hate vegetables, especially green and leafy, but get all excited about this one!

Spinach Salad

Here is what you need


Baby Spinach - the more the merrier
Olive Oil - extra virgin, cold pressed, please! - about 1/2 cup
Lemon Juice - 3 tbs shall make it
Honey - 3 tbs
Raisins - soaked in boiling water and drained - 1/2 cup
Sliced almonds - roasted with a bit of oil - 1/2 cup
Poppy seeds
Sesame seeds

To make your very own dressing - mix olive oil, lemon juice, honey, seeds, salt and pepper. Here is what your dressing would look like


Now, in a cute bowl mix spinach, raisins and almonds, add your dressing and VOILA! Serve with your favorite steak, or just try it by itself! Bon appetit!

Ready to serve!

Compliments of Marina Gavrylyuk
Real Estate Agent with Sutton Group Summit Realty

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